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Claim Your Children Back (April 19 & 20)


One Sabbath after potluck recently I greeted a stranger as they walked up to the front doors of the church. She asked if this was the day for the 3-part Claim Your Children Back seminar series, and I let her know that it was still coming up. This struck me as an indicator of how many people really do have a burden for their adult children's eternal salvation...and that this seminar is desired and important for drawing loved ones back into relationship with Jesus.

If you or someone you know is praying for the salvation of one or more of your children or loved ones, you're going to want to be at this seminar series. It is for both church members and the public, teaching scriptural-based ways to pray effectively and fight with the sword of the spirit for the eternal salvation of loved ones.

Please pray for God to put someone who is praying for their child or loved one on your heart to invite to this series. And then reach out to personally invite them so that they gain what God has for them to gain. You will be doing Kingdom work!

Praising God in advance for what He will do in the lives of many through faithful application and employment of the Living Word: Jesus Christ! He is able, and He desires to draw our loved ones back to Him!

--Jodi Pfeiffer

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