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August 5, 2020

Summer has finally come to the Northwest.  Soon we will be complaining that it hasn’t rained ;) Well, maybe not quite yet.  We waited a while for our “hot weather” to come along, so I sure hope it stays for a while.  It has also been nice having outdoor church, being able to safely spread out and be in the sunshine and fresh air.  I am looking forward to more of that this month and am praying the weather continues to work with us. 

As our summer break starts to wrap up (yep, school starts in like two weeks or something like that), I pray you have had good times with your family, friends, and time to reflect on what is important.  I have been doing a lot of reading.  I challenged myself to read instead of watch movies when I fly, unless it's an international overnight flight.  So, I have been able to dive in and finish some good books this summer.  They have challenged my thinking, my way of life, and my priorities.  I am still praying and asking God to show me how He is asking me to apply all the info I am taking in.  Some things I already know, somethings I don’t, and some I know but want to ignore.  Thankful He is patient and long suffering.  What kind of things have you been challenged in?  How has your thinking changed?  What areas of personal growth do you need to pursue? 

I encourage you to read a good book, start a Bible study, pray more, meditate on your life while you still have a little less than a month of summer break left.  Are you living the life you were created to live?  No more excuses, no more blaming circumstances or COVID, no more angst, fear or regret.  Spend some much needed time with just you and Jesus, let Him show you the things in your life that need change (there is always something - I promise), allow Him to show you where you need to live more and fear less.  Where you need to love and give more and hold on to less.  He will, my friend, He is faithful to come when we call and give us what we all long for - real life.

It’s not fun getting broken, not at all.  But I wouldn’t have it any other way. 

When you exercise, especially weight lift, you actually tear muscle (this is where soreness comes from), but then it rebuilds back into that beautiful muscle tone you see after being at it for a month or so.  Same with our hearts, minds and souls.  The tears and broken-down fiber muscle hurts, it makes us sometimes unable to move—but in the end it builds something beautiful.  What in our church needs to be broken so it can be rebuilt?  What needs to change?  Where are we not living out Christ’s mission?  Where have we just fallen into the motions? 

Will you pray with me?  Will you ask Jesus to not only reveal where in our personal lives we need rebuilding but where we as a church need to change? 

Will you cry out with me?  “Tear away, break away, Jesus.  Yes, it’s going to hurt, but the beautiful is just waiting to be revealed. And it is going to be BEAUTIFUL!

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