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Prayers for Ukraine

1. The Seventh-day Adventist church in my native town of Derachi (Kharkiv region, 23 miles from Russian border). Our church members in this small town stand strong in faith, put all hope in God, and help others avoid panic while doing active evangelism among those who would not be interested during the peaceful times. They take care of the vulnerable and encourage others while needing support themselves. Because of the town location and many roads being blocked, there is nowhere to go to escape. So they stay home and pray for peace and protection. This small but amazingly brave church has very limited resources, but they're spiritually rich and strong due to the faith they have. 

2. Churches in Kharkiv. Our beautiful city of Kharkiv, former capital of Ukraine and the second largest city in the country. With the population of nearly 1.5 million people, it has more than 10 Adventist churches, so lots of Adventist families there. People are exhausted, many spend nights in cold underground structures trying to be safe. While spending my childhood in Dergachi, I attended a University in Kharkiv, where my father served as a pastor and a physician for many years. So those precious people are not only familiar, but so very dear to my heart.

3. Our first and the only Adventist Christian Medical Center (Angelia Clinic) in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine. This Clinic opened their doors to everyone in need in these difficult times, and no need to say, they must be overwhelmed. This truly Godly place is so people-centered that they want to help as many as possible, coming up with not only medical care, but stress-management seminars and training sessions for those who can still watch our Adventist Hope Channel. They also offer everyone free virtual visits with their counselors and psychiatrists. We personally know some of their staff, including their amazing medical director. With dramatic shortages of medications and supplies still available in the country, these brave souls do their best to use what they have, and, most importantly, direct people's thoughts to the source of all peace - almighty God. Please consider supporting them in prayers as well as financially (more info available at their website, English version can be selected in the top menu):

Thank you so much again for supporting our Seventh-day Adventist family in Ukraine. A church member from Dergachi keeps telling me they feel the power of our prayers. So all hope and glory to the Lord who watches over His children.

--Anna Voronyuk

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