Pathfinder Club


Amy Allen



Your Evergreen Pathfinder Club has been having a very fun and full year! While we did take a couple weeks off due to the snowstorms, our year is rapidly coming to an end. 


Currently we are working on honors taught by some of our favorite church members. Wayne Gaver has been lending his expertise and Troy Hammond and Tom Allen have joined him in teaching the Pinewood Derby Honor. This is giving Pathfinders an opportunity to learn about basic woodworking skills as well as learning about aerodynamics. They will have an opportunity to paint their cars and then at the upcoming Pathfinder Fair they will get the opportunity to race them against each other and members of other clubs. We’re having fun with this, but also being reminded of Jesus’ work here on earth with his carpenter father, Joseph, before He began His years of ministry. 


For those of you who know Sharon and Dennis Reed’s love of Puppetry and Puppet Ministry, we simply had to take advantage of their willingness to share some of their talents and expertise with our Pathfinder club.  The Pathfinders that are studying Puppetry are learning about just how much work it is!  Learning to coordinate hand movements while holding a puppet over your head, while also reading the script and sometimes creating new voices for the individual puppets....what a feat! We will have the opportunity to see their hard work at our church service on March 16th. 


This month we will be helping New Hope Fellowship with making/serving a pancake breakfast for their Homeless Ministry. That afternoon Cory Haugsted will teach participating Pathfinders the remaining requirements needed in order to complete the Feeding Ministries Honor. 


In April we will head to Skagit Adventist Academy to participate in Rich Aguilera’s “Dinosaurs! Tour,” where we will learn about what the Bible has to say about dinosaurs. 


May will be a full ending to our Pathfinder year, with Investiture, participating Washington Conference Pathfinder Fair and our grand finale spring camping trip. 


Please prayerfully consider how you can become involved in supporting the Evergreen Pathfinder club. We are searching for committed volunteers willing to be level instructors, as well as counselors and individual honor instructors.  These positions are needed in order for our club to continue and grow. Please search your heart and consider volunteering to lead these amazing children as they continue to grow in Jesus.