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Revealing God's Character Through a Growing Relationship with Jesus

Note from the Pastor (Feb 16)

Dear Church Family,

God is Good all the time!  And all the time, God is Good!  He is so good my friends.  You may be thinking, “What exciting news is Pastor Jen going to share?!” I just did share it! That is the exciting news! God is Good; I no longer have to look elsewhere for my satisfaction. He is Great; I don’t have to be in control. He is Gracious; I don’t have to prove myself (to myself, to others, or to God). And He is Glorious; I don’t have to fear others. These are truths that set us free! 

Let this be our focus. As the world changes around us, as circumstances look grim, as we can’t always see what is coming, may we continually look to Jesus who is always, never-changing, consistently good. 

We here at Monroe Seventh-day Adventist Church will continue to explore ways we can lift up Jesus and these truths about His character. I am looking forward to seeing how the Holy Spirit opens doors for us to continue to grow the Kingdom. We can rest knowing that He is the One leading and as long as we are all keeping our eyes on Him, who is the Way, the Truth and the Life, we will be where He wants and needs us to be for our own, our families and our community growth. 

- Pastor Jen

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