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From the Pastor's Desk (Oct 5)

Fall is here!  It’s my favorite :). I know, summer is great too, with the sunshine and warm weather, but I love the color, crisp air and sweaters and jeans and all that the fall feels brings. (I worked hard for that rhyme :).

With fall comes a lot of opportunity for ministry and outreach. So please read below the highlighted happenings coming our way. This for sure is not an exhaustive list, so please be sure to read the newsletter through every week and check our website from time to time. Blessings to you all as we love one another in Jesus … this fall. Lol. I am serious on the sentiment - not on the rhyme ;)

1. Small Group Launch: We are officially starting our small group launches.  We are super excited about these - this is where it all happens:  community, growth, and expansion of God’s Kingdom. Our first launch will be this October for the elders; the goal is to first lead and teach our leaders so that they can then lead and teach their family groups. If you are not an elder or spouse of an elder then the fall will not apply to you, but the winter will.  All family groups will be running the Gospel Primer, so if you have not attended the Gospel primer yet your family group will be hosting and you will hear from them probably by early December as to when and where you will meet.  If you have already been through Gospel Primer then you are welcome to do it again with your family group or you may be asked to lead the one in your family group. Let’s take advantage of these small groups, even if you have done Gospel Primer already; I have done it several times and I learn something new each time.  Plus, you will grow closer to your family group in the process.  Below are the Fall and Winter Launch details.

Fall Launch

  • Elders and spouses—Pastor Jen leads
  • Discipleship Track: Deep Calling
  • Materials: Book & journal
  • Time Frame: October 15 - December 17
  • When:  Sundays: 4:30 p.m. - 7:30 p.m.

Winter 2024 Launch

  • Family Groups—elders lead
  • Gospel Primer
  • Materials: Gospel Primer book
  • Time Frame: January 14 - March 3
  • When: TBD, will vary with family groups

2. Church Board - PLEASE Church board members - mark your calendars now and plan to be at our board meeting on October 16th.  If you are an elder, head deacon, head deaconess, leader of a ministry - you are on board. We need your amazing presence there. We meet at 6:30 p.m. - see you there.

3. Oct 20 - Nov 4 - Pastor Nemaia will be with us preaching on Jesus in Prophecy.  Please be praying for these meetings, commit to coming, if you are able, ask us how you can be of help, and invite those you have been praying for. This is why we are here church family, why we exist as individuals and a church body—to tell others about Jesus. Let’s be about God’s mission and welcome those God is going to bring us. Thank you!!!!

- Pastor Jen

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