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We Appreciate You, Jim Mellon!


I appreciate Jim Mellon so much.  I have always appreciated his smile, his sweet character, always willing to help and just an all around amazing guy.  I have known Jim now for 20 years and I have never seen him in a bad mood, or experienced him talking bad about anyone - his sweet disposition and personality have always been an inspiration to me.  I know he also loves his wife and family dearly and he shows it in how he supports them and their ministries.  He has also served faithfully as a deacon and SS teacher as well as many other roles I am sure even before my time.  Thank you Jim for giving to the Lord.  Thank you for always serving with a beautiful smile.  So glad you are a part of our church family. --Pastor Jen  

It has been our privilege to know Jim Mellon for nearly 50 years. He has been an inspiration, seeing his example of parenting and grandparenting. He sets an incredible example of calm, gentleness and love. To our church family he has shared his heart of care and commitment and his talents for teaching, faithfully teaching a Sabbath School class each month. With an appreciation for having our church grounds maintained, he has given his time in helping at church “work bees”.  Even though his children completed their elementary school education years ago, he continues to be a strong supporter of Sky Valley Adventist School. Thank you, Jim for the beautiful Christ-like example you have set for all of us! --Claudia Bahnmiller

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